3-26-2006: 1962 Camp Photos!

Norman Mangouni has provided 19 photographs taken during the 1961 Michigania season. See them here

1-10-2006 Camp Sherwood

I uploaded a PDF version of the old Camp Sherwood brochure. It's camp from the 30s! Download it here (2.9 MB)

8-30-2005: Camp Tour!!!

The camp tour is ready. You can click places around camp and see pictures or information. Look for secret places too!

8-01-2005: Old Photos!

I've done a lot of work on digitalizing old photos and documents. Check them out in the History section! Also, if you know any Walloon or Michigania history, please send it to me!

7-13-2005: Things are going great!

Yup, I don't really have any problems whatsoever! Life is great at camp!

7-12-2005: Synchronized sailing

Synchronized sailing happens every Wednesday night! Boating staff + me and some others go out in sailboats and synchronized sail!

Just so you know:

This page was created by Nick Touran who worked at camp in 2004 and 2005 as the maintenance assistant. It is only a section of his large webpage.

Welcome to the Camp Michigania section on partofthething.com. Here you can learn about or reminisce about camp.

Camp Michigania is a family camp owned and operated by the University of Michigan Alumni Center in Ann Arbor. The camp itself is located in northern Michigan between Petoskey and Boyne City on the legendary Walloon Lake. The land covers a good square mile of hills, lake front, and forest. In the summer season, around four hundred campers come for one-week sessions filled with boating, riding, rifelry, arts and crafts, ceramics, nature, field sports, swimming, high-ropes, and relaxation. It is staffed by hard working and highly qualified college-aged students. The camp was formed in 1962 and some campers have been coming now for over 40 years. It is a place filled with tradition and magic. Kids start talking about their next trip to Michigania as they drive out the gate on the way home.

In the off-season, Michigania is used for meetings and gatherings along with a few winter relaxation programs.